So, what is off the job training?

Off the job training refers to structured learning activities that take place outside of an employee's regular work duties. It's designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles, contribute strategically to the business, and prepare for future career advancements.

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Did you know?

Over 90% of employees say they won’t quit if they get development opportunities

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On vs Off the Job Training

  • Focus: On-the-job training focuses on developing task-specific skills for immediate application. Off-the-job training delves deeper, building a broader knowledge base and transferable skills.
  • Location: On-the-job training typically happens in the workplace. Off-the-job training can occur in various settings, including classrooms, online platforms, conferences, or workshops.
  • Time: On-the-job training is often integrated into daily activities. Off the job training is time spent during working hours, where apprentices develop their knowledge and skills.

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Does TACS Training provide Off the Job Training?

Absolutely, our apprenticeships provide off the job training. This ensures a perfect balance and helps employees to get the most from their apprenticeships. 

It’s important for employees to learn off-the-job, and develop their knowledge, to better themselves and the company, so we make sure that our apprenticeships are of high-quality and help those wanting to learn, as much as possible.

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