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Our Team Leader apprenticeship was created by professionals that want others to succeed. The apprenticeship spans across 12 months, along with an End Point Assessment (EPA) period.

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Jumping into an apprenticeship can be a very exciting time, especially when its something you have a passion for, and our team leader apprenticeship can help drive your career forward and give you the kickstart to achieving your goals.

We've created a unique prospectus tailored to our team leader apprenticeship, which you can download below. It includes all the details of what to expect throughout the apprenticeship, as well as extra key information.


Our Team Leader Apprenticeship, Crafted for Your Success

We have carefully curated a variety of different learning methods to ensure that everyone is catered for, and to guarantee that you get the most out of your team leader apprenticeship.

Throughout your team leader apprenticeship, you will go through 10 online modules that are designed perfectly to help you learn and achieve what you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some common questions that we get asked, if you don't see an answer to your question, get in touch.

What is the duration and structure of the Team Leader Apprenticeship at TACS Training?

The Team Leader Apprenticeship at TACS Training is a Level 3 standard lasting 12 months, inclusive of the End Point Assessment (EPA) period. It involves monthly training sessions and completion of 10 online modules. The EPA consists of a presentation with Q&A and a professional discussion.

Can you provide statistics on achievement and learner feedback?

TACS Training boasts a retention rate of 81%, with 77% of learners achieving a pass grade at the End Point Assessment and 23% achieving a distinction. Positive learner feedback emphasizes development in confidence, communication, leadership, and understanding of job responsibilities.

What are the key training modules covered in the apprenticeship program?

The apprenticeship includes 10 comprehensive training modules such as Awareness of Self, Management of Self, Communication, Managing People, Leading People, Building Relationships, Operational Management, Finance, Problem Solving & Decision Making, and Project Management.

What are the funding options and costs associated with the Team Leader Apprenticeship?

For learners aged 16-18, the government covers 100% of the costs, with an additional £1000 grant. Learners aged 19+ require a 5% contribution from the employer, amounting to £200. Funding is reserved through the apprenticeship service account.

Your Team Leader Apprenticeship Journey

Once enrolled, your team leader apprenticeship will take place over 12 months, and throughout it you will learn a variety of skills and expertise that you can take into your current or future roles within your career.

Over the 12 months, you will dive into several different modules, starting with ‘Awareness of Self’ which is followed by module 2 ‘Management of Self’. After this you will work your way through 6 more fantastic modules, when upon completion you will give a presentation. 


The Final Stage

Upon completing your modules, the final stage of your apprenticeship will feature an End Point Assessment.

This will include a Presentation with a Q&A, which will be followed by a professional discussion. Once you have completed everything, and passed, you will be awarded with your Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship certificate.

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