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Our lean manufacturing apprenticeship is designed to help people learn and understand about the correct ways and best practices in the world of lean manufacturing.

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Structured Learning for Success

We make sure that the way we teach and the way you learn is done in the best possible way. Throughout the apprenticeship, you will take part in monthly sessions, and 8 online modules in total. 

Our aim to give you the highest quality lean manufacturing apprenticeship available, so that you can come away feeling beyond satisfied and happy with your new qualification.

What is a lean manufacuturing apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, you will carry out your work safely and to a high level, whilst continuously improving and working on your skills that you learn.

There will be 10 modules over the course of the apprenticeship, of which will feature a variety of tasks to complete, to ensure you pass and gain the best possible knowledge.

Is lean manufacturing a good career?

If you wish to have a career in lean manufacturing, you will be pleased to know that there are tons of benefits.

It's a fantastic role and industry to get into, from improving your communication and problem-solving skills, to enhancing your professional development, personal development and future career.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some common questions that we get asked, if you don't see an answer to your question, get in touch.

What is the duration of the Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship, and how is it delivered?

The Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship is a 12-month program, followed by the End Point Assessment (EPA) period. Training is delivered through monthly in-person sessions and eight online modules. The Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing is also part of the delivery method.

What are the key training modules covered in the Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship covers a comprehensive set of training modules, including Continuous Improvement, Workplace Organisation, Problem Solving Techniques, Quality Control Procedures, Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance, Working Relationships in Manufacturing, Communicating Effectively, and Lean Manufacturing Operations and Tools.

Can you provide more details about the role requirements for each Standard Pathway in the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship offers four pathways: Production/Assembly, Inspection/Quality Assurance, Logistics/Material Handling, and Production Processing/Finishing. Each pathway comes with specific role requirements, such as quality checks, following procedures, and ensuring compliance with specifications.

What are the achievement statistics for the Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship?

The Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship boasts an 82% retention rate, indicating the commitment of learners who start the program and reach the End Point Assessment. The pass rate stands at 53%, while an impressive 47% of learners achieve a distinction grade at the end point assessment.

The Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship Journey

Once enrolled in the apprenticeship, your journey will unfold over the next 12 months.

You will work your way through 8 different modules, starting on the first, which is ‘continuous improvement’. You will then move onto Application of Workplace Organisation, followed by a further 6 modules, which can be found inside the prospectus.

Upon completion, you will receive a level 2 diploma in manufacturing, giving you knowledge and expertise to go on and be the best in your sector.


End Point Assessment

In the final part of your apprenticeship, there will be an End Post Assessment (EPA) which will contain a 2 hour observation, followed by a 45 minute discussion.

The evaluation will ensure that you’ve received the correct knowledge, acquired it and put it into practice, so that you can apply it effectively in a working environment. 

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