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Level 2 Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship

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Our apprenticeship is specifically designed to ensure you learn the best ways of the property world, from communication and teamwork, to the more technical side, you will come away feeling extremely knowledgeable.

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When deciding which apprenticeship is best for you, it can be a very exciting time, and we understand this, so we've created something where you can find all the key details, such as the time scale, the level, and all the details regarding the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship.

Download our prospectus for the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship today, and delve into the specifics of what you will learn and come across throughout your apprenticeship journey.

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Your Platform to a Brighter Future

Our Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship is tailored specifically for those who want to learn about becoming an estate agent. Our methods and approach will ensure that you get the most from your apprenticeship, whilst also making it an enjoyable experience.

You will go through 12 online modules, as well as monthly online training sessions. 

Our process goes above the norm, as we strive to be the best there is, and our Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship is no different. Our thought process behind this, is if we can create the best training and apprenticeship course, then you will achieve your maximum potential from this, and your future.

Can I become an estate agent with no experience?

Yes. Becoming an estate agent with no experience is possible, and this is where our junior estate agent apprenticeship comes in perfectly. We can help you learn and become knowledgeable about the industry without on the job experience.

Our apprenticeship will help you stand out against those with no experience at all, ensuring you have a highest possibility of achieving your goals.

How long does it take to train as an estate agent?

Depending on which path you take, training to become a qualified estate agent can take anywhere up to 18 months. However, our junior estate agent apprenticeship, ensures that you recieve the best learning process in the quickest time frame.

Learning at TACS Training to become an estate agent takes just 12 months, meaning you can learn and move forward in your career as quickly as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some common questions that we get asked, if you don't see an answer to your question, get in touch.

What is the structure and duration of the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship at TACS Training?

The Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship at TACS Training is a Level 2 program extending over 12 months, inclusive of the End Point Assessment (EPA) period. It involves monthly training sessions and covers 12 online modules, preparing apprentices for their EPA conducted by Propertymark.

What are the achievement statistics for the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship at TACS Training?

TACS Training demonstrates robust achievement statistics with an 81% retention rate. Of those who complete the apprenticeship, 77% achieve a pass grade at the End Point Assessment, and 23% attain a distinction.

Could you provide insights into the key training modules covered in the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship covers a range of modules, including Organisation Background Information, Communication and Team Work, Health and Safety, Security and General Law, Time Management & Tools Of The Trade, plus much more which can be found in our prospectus.

What are the funding options and costs associated with the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship?

For learners aged 16-18, the government covers 100% of the cost, along with a £1000 grant. Learners aged 19+ require a 5% contribution from the employer, amounting to £200. Funding is secured through the apprenticeship service account.

Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship
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Upon signing up and enrolling into the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship, your journey will begin, and over the course of the next 12 months, you will develop your skills and knowledge to enhance your future career and life.

You will receive top-notch professional support throughout the process, to ensure you get the most from the apprenticeship.

As you reach the end of your apprenticeship, you will be required to complete a work based scenario.

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The Final Step of Your Apprenticeship

The end of your apprenticeship will see you involved in a final couple of steps, one being the work based scenario we just mentioned, and the other is a 1 hour professional discussion.

Upon completing these, you will be looking at receiving your Level 2 Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship certificate, where you can move forward with your career and goals.

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