Employer funding to take on an apprentice

The team at TACS are on hand to discuss any available funding options for your business and support you with eligibility criteria along with how to apply.

Funding may be available to support the cost of your apprentice’s training and their salary.

Funding for our short courses can also be arranged, depending on the candidate location & circumstances.

Contact us to discuss your funded options.

Your DAS Account

From January 2020, as part of testing new arrangements during a transition period, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), is inviting all employers to use the apprenticeship service.

The ESFA encourage all employers to set up an account so they can experience the benefits of the apprenticeship service.

For smaller employers, with a pay bill of less than £3 million, that do not pay the apprenticeship levy, use of the service during the early transition is optional.

Following this transition, the intention is, that towards the end of 2020, all apprenticeships will be arranged through the apprenticeship service.​

All employers can use the service to tailor apprenticeship training to meet their business needs, filling skills gaps and boosting productivity.

With a training provider agreement employers can set permissions to allow training providers to undertake some actions on their behalf. TACS can help you with all aspects of your DAS account.

If your annual pay bill is more than £3 million you will pay the apprenticeship levy.

You will need to work out how many apprenticeships levy you are due to pay each month and submit it to HMRC through the Pay As You Earn PAYE process.

If you do not pay the apprenticeship levy, you will fund your apprentices in one of two different ways, either using the apprenticeship service or through a contract for funding apprenticeship training held by a training provider.