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TACS Training is here to empower learners with knowledge that shapes their future, and create learning solutions for learners and their employers.

Our Vision

Understand our vision and how we help learners

To be the most client-centric training provider in our fields. Delivering bespoke, impeccable learning solutions that put our learners at the heart of the company’s goals and aspirations.

We help to deliver the best apprenticeships in the country, ensuring that our learners and employers get the most from our services. 

We fully believe that each and every learner should come away with new experiences and knowledge to develop their careers further.

At TACS Training, we provide ongoing support throughout the entire process, helping to put minds at ease and answer any questions.

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Who is our Apprenticeships for?

We provide our services to employers and their employees

Our apprenticeships are tailored specifically for current employees, to help them progress further in their chosen careers.

TACS Training helps employers with a wide range of training and courses to enhance their employees work quality and career path progression.

One of the things we offer here at TACS is Lean Training, which can help take employees to the next-level and ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise to exceed expectations.


See what our leaners have said about choosing TACS Training

Kyle Tranter

Google Review

Adrian was a great help to me throughout the whole experience. Was always free for a call and wanted to see me get the best possible grade for myself.


Google Review

Adi has been incredibly helpful over the past 9 months assisting me. This has lead to me being more confident when dealing with customers suppliers.

Ashi Zaman

Google Review

Very professional. Jed explained the role of the apprenticeship very well and recommended other suitable roles. Application process was very simple too. 

Employer Funding Support

The team at TACS are on hand to discuss any available funding options

At TACS, we’re here to shake things up and delve deep into the realm of funding possibilities for your business. Our team stands ready to explore every avenue, discussing available funding options tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s deciphering eligibility criteria or guiding you through the application process, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Funding could be available to not only cover the costs of your apprentice’s training but also their salary, ensuring you can invest in the future of your workforce without breaking the bank.

Depending on your candidate’s location and unique circumstances, we can help arrange funding to make sure your team stays ahead of the curve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

At TACS, we’re dedicated to empowering learners with the knowledge that shapes their careers. We don’t just teach, we ignite excitement and create innovative learning experiences that are tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to quality ensures programmes exceed industry standards, resulting in a high return on investment for our clients and an impressive 94% completion rate.

How long are the apprenticeships?

Our programs equip you with the skills you need for your future career, typically taking 12 to 18 months to complete. If you’re looking for something shorter, we also offer a variety of short courses.

How do I get started?

Starting your training journey with TACS is easy! Explore our programmes, then reach out to us through our contact form or by phone. Our friendly team will answer your questions, discuss your goals, and help you get started.

What types of Apprenticeships do you offer?

We offer a variety of different apprenticeships, from helping people get into the real estate industry, become a sales executive, and even an apprenticeship on how to become a team leader, plus many more, which you can find right here.

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