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15th June 2016

Congratulations, Urban Surfer!

“To be more organised, profitable and to bring our team closer together” these were some of the things that Urban Surfer’s Managing Director, Karl Smith wanted to achieve before embarking on our Continuous Improvement Development Programme.

The aim of the programme is to help staff embrace lean principals and for them to understand the importance of continuous improvement in the workplace.

We began working with Urban Surfer  in October 2015 after a recommendation by one of our valued customers. After seeing the positive impact that our training was having on other organisations, Karl decided to put all of his staff, including himself through the programme.

Urban Surfer has worked extremely hard throughout the training both in and out of the sessions and as a result of the principles learnt; the team have transformed their office space and warehouse.

Staff feedback was excellent, with all participants finding the course interesting, engaging and most importantly rewarding. Several members of staff had the following to say:

“The training has been really good; it has given me an insight into how the company is ran and ways I can help to improve it. I feel that I am more motivated and have been given more knowledge that will help to develop me in my role. I am looking forward to progressing with the training and will be continuing with the level 3 in the near future” - Kayleigh Ellison, Warehouse Operative

“The training has made me think more about things such as waste, along with how to be more productive and streamlined in our processes. I feel the training has given me a greater understanding of other people’s roles within the business in addition to my own” - Emma Brownless, Warehouse Operative

Since starting the training Karl has found that his staff have a greater understanding of their roles within the business and that they are now striving to continuously develop their day to day processes so that they work ‘smarter not harder’. Karl believes that his expectations of the training have been exceeded and feels that his team have grown and embraced the changes that have been implemented, which will  ultimately help to drive the business forward in the years to come. Karl is looking forward to his team undergoing the level 3 training and believes it’s attainment is important for their overall continuous improvement journey.

Website: www.urbansurfer.co.uk

Twitter: @UrbanSurferUK

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